What is the Amazon breakthrough novel award?

The Amazon Breakthrough Novel award was found in 2008, which was sponsored via Amazon.com, Hewlett Packard, the Penguin Group, create space and book surge. So that they can print and support a manuscript by an anonymous or a new author. This award led to a rise in the purchase of AMZN at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-amzn.

The initial honour was granted away in 2008 until 2015 it ran properly, but Amazon shut this award in 2015 to do some research and scout for the things needed for the Kindle program.

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What is the judging process of the award?

After every author has submitted their manuscripts, it was now time for the judges to see their work and rate them according to their work.

This is the whole process of judging:-

  • Round one:-

Every participant is supposed to give a small pitch to the judges regarding their book, and the decision will be of the judges as they will check his pitch, tone, power and also the originality of the authors work.

  •  Round two:-

 In round two the judges will read some excerpts from the book and then will give their reviews on it, and they will also rate these novels from one to five that is from poor to excellent.

The rating depends on the strength of words, originality, prose, technique, design and the hook of the novel. In this round, 250 books will be chosen.

  • Quarterfinals:-

 Those publishers who have been selected their excerpt shall be pasted upon the Amazons website so that the judging is don’t via publishers weekly and those people who are selected by them will go through the semi-final round and only 50 excerpts are chosen.

  • Semi-finals :-

 In this round, all the 50 listings will be assessed through the publishing firm penguin, and those entries which have been selected will be going to the finals, and only three entries out of every category will be selected and forwarded to the final round.

  • Finals :- 

 During the finals, all these excerpts will be passed at the ABNA website with links given so that the judges can read out the full story and give their opinion on it.

There is star’s board chosen which will contain people like one famous writer, one editor and one agent.

Each and every excerpt will be read by the judges and will give their review on them, and those people have been selected by these judges will be considered as the winner and their excerpt will be posted as the winner on Amazon website and will be able to purchase on it. If you want to buy the amazon stock, you can check its balance sheet at https://www.webull.com/balance-sheet/nasdaq-amzn.